My working day

I am waking up around 6 o’clock. I’m taking a shower, drinking coffee and getting dressed. Also I prepare my child for school and making breakfast for my family.

On Monday I have some free time before I get to the Academy, because we start only at half past 10. This morning I’m spending alone, doing stuff around the house. On Monday we start with Chemistry lecture, and then we have 2 hours till Latin. I’m coming back home to have lunch with my child.

Our Latin lessons starts at half past three. We spend a lot of time by learning new words, reading and taking tests. It is pretty exciting and hard at the same time.

On Tuesday we have only one subject that we have to attend, it is Anatomy. We are spending our time at the dissecting rooms, by examining the bones, ligament system. Right now we are focused on learning muscles.  We are getting exhausted even we have only one subject, because our practical Anatomy lessons is the hardest one.

Wednesday and Thursday is the hardest days of our week. We are starting at 8 o’clock and coming back home only at 6 o’clock in the evening. On Wednesday we have Chemistry, lectures, then we go to our sport’s ground, and after all, some of us are attending ethics classes. On Thursday we start with Biology lecture, then we have to go the hospital and after all we have psychology class.

On Friday we have only English and Biology. But in the end of the week, we can’t even recognize how do we look like, or what we have to do. We are finishing around 2 p.m. and most of the students are going to visit their parents at home.

This day I have chance to spend some time with my family and friends.

On holidays we are getting prepared for the next week. 






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